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Founded: 6th of March 2007
Founder: F. Maroun Harb M.L.
Location: Monastery of The Holy Savior – Ghosta
Rehearsal location: The Apostles Institute – Jounieh
Rehearsal time: Every Friday from 8p.m. till 10p.m.
Number of members: 26 members
Patroness of the choir: The Virgin Mary, Cedar of Lebanon
Phone +961 9 260456
Fax +961 9 260456
P.O.Box 700, Jounieh, Lebanon
Email info@ccdl.org.lb

"Coro Cedro del Libano" was founded on the 6th of March 2007, under the knowledge and experience of license no: 53/2009 provided by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. It is also recognized as a church choir by the Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, Patriarch of Antioch and the East, under the book no: 2150/2011 which was released on the 8th of March 2011. This choir was also able to obtain from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (General Directorate of Economy and Trade - Intellectual Protection Authority) a registration certificate of a distinguishing mark no: 135429 on the 11th of May 2011. This was due to the initiative and perseverance of Father Maroun Harb, the Lebanese Missionary, in addition to the blessing of The Congregation of the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries and in cooperation with a group of young people belonging to various parishes and dioceses in order to reunite, unify all efforts and recruit their talents that they already developed through glorifying God's name. Despite its novelty, it was all accomplish various achievements due to the experience, ability, merit and sincerity of the choir's members in addition to their strong will and determination to achieve its objectives. What is also remarkable is that the Virgin Mary, the Cedar of Lebanon, is also their protector.

The choir started its journey towards success by participating in the Church World Music Festival in Loreto's Shrine - Italy in the year 2007, representing its country Lebanon in addition to the Eastern Church in general.

Coro Cedro del Libano won 3 medals including the medal of Pope Benedict the 16th with a certificate of notice. The choir also participated in the same festival during the year 2010 and won the medal of the festival as well as a certificate of appreciation.
The choir also revived several civic religious and folkloric celebrations during various occasions inside and outside Lebanon. It also participated in many ceremonies such as masses, concerts in addition to religious and folkloric festivals.

The choir's main location is in the Monastery of The Holy Savior - Ghosta. It conducts practice meetings every Friday from 8:00 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. at the Apostle's Institute - Jounieh. The choir has 26 members divided into four voices, and it is run by an administrative body composed of: President and Advisor Father Maroun Harb L.M., Vice President Mr. Marcel Badawi, Secretary Mr. Bernard Serhal, Treasurer Miss Jihane Chemaly and Choir Manager Mr. Fadi Abi Hachem.

The choir's goal is to serve the word of God through chanting and to activate the liturgical, pastoral, national and religious work in addition to conserving the eastern liturgical music through serving masses and concerts, reviving the production of authentic and religious artwork and transferring the authentic Eastern liturgical culture all over the world with an openness to different Eastern and Western musical genres ranging from sacred to folk music.

The chorus has a musical, religious and folkloric production of its own, a CD for a recital held to mark the silver jubilee of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Syria entitled "The Virgin Mary has chosen a home" in 2008, and another one known by the title "Blessed Be God" in 2010.

The choir, as well as its members has several future local and international projects. These projects are characterized by their reliability and efficiency on the musical level in general, especially since all members are all familiar with the culture of music and hold important certificates and special medals.

The chorus has a logo that carries its own name in both Arabic and Italian. It has the following meanings:

  • The Virgin Mary and baby Jesus: the patron Saints of the choir.
  • The Virgin Mary, as in the prayer, "O Cedar of Lebanon, pray for us".
  • The cedar, name of the choir, a symbol of holiness and immortality bears the following meanings:
    • Coro: Means choir, and the first letter "C" is illustrated as the first branch of the cedar.
    • Cedro: Means cedar, and the letter "C" is illustrated as the second branch of the cedar.
    • Del: i.e.: "The".
    • Libano: means Lebanon, and the letter "L" is illustrated as the third branch of the cedar, where all other towering branches remain intact.
  • The musical key is illustrated in an artistic way. It has a double function where it shows the Sol key that represents music and rhythms and is illustrated as the letter "O" at the end of "Libano".
  • The Lebanese flag is the link and the roots of the choir, from both sides. It is designed in a harmonic way to mirror the chants and rhythms represented by the choir.

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